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Brand New 24x Harnesses

New product announcement!

LSx wiring harnesses for standalone/conversions.

Made of 100% new product; wire, connectors, fuses, even tape.

Harnesses are made for the computer/fuse panel to come off the right rear of the motor, and has enough length for them to be mounted on the other side of the firewall. All wires/connectors are labeled for ease of installation and troubleshooting.

Harnesses drape over the motor like a car harness (not on top of the intake like truck).

Harness setup for DriverSide alternator

Harness comes with two relays, fuel and ignition

Extra wires stubbed out include: Main/aux fans, brake pedal (TCC), speedometer, tachometer, check engine light

Harnesses are wrapped in our popular cloth tape

**Other years/models coming soon.